How To Transfer Money From Paytm Wallet To Any Bank Account

Paytm is one of India’s first mobile payments and commerce platform.It started with online mobile recharge and bill payments and has an online marketplace today.Many people using Paytm App for Sending and receiving money from anyone.Paytm is also helping India to Make India cashless as our Prime Minister Modi wants.First you need cash to buy anything like Clothes,Mobiles and all where cash is important but now you can see Paytm is available on each and every Shop you can pay money for your thing with Paytm in just one click.Here our main purpose is for How to Send or Transfer Money From Paytm Wallet To Any Bank Account.How to Transfer money from Paytm to any bank

How To Transfer Money From Paytm Wallet To Bank:

So guys, As you all know that Paytm is one of the best Digital Wallet which allows you to Send And Receive Money,Mobile Recharge etc.Nowadays approximately 2 Millions People using Paytm Wallet.Paytm have many special offers for user like Up to 100% cashback on Filling Petrol through Paytm etc.Many users who is currently using Paytm Wallet and doing transactions with Paytm but sometimes he/She want to Transfer Paytm Wallet Money to his/her bank account and he/she failed to send.So as i know that you are here for know that How To Transfer Paytm Wallet Money To Bank Account.Here following this article you will be able to Send your Patym Wallet Money To Your Bank.You can send there money to any bank like HDFC,ICICI,AXIS,PNB,SBI,SBP,CANERA etc.So let’s checkout steps.

Send Paytm Money To Any Bank Account:

  • So First of all you have to do is,Make Account in Paytm.Fill your mobile Number on which you want to make Paytm Account Fill Email Id and then Fill password which will helps you to access your account.Click On Continue.

How To Send Money From Paytm Wallet To Bank

  • Go To Wallet and On the top of the screen you will see Pay,Add Money Passbook on Passbook and then click on Send Money To Bank.8Paytm-bank-account-detail
  • Now Fill Amount how much you want to send like 500,1000,1500 etc.
  • Fill Account Holder Name it will be right otherwise your money will not send.
  • Fill Account Number to which you want to send money.
  • Fill IFSC Code of Bank.It will be given on Bank copy.If you don’t know IFSC code then in IFSC box you will see GET IFSC CODE Link click on that link and then Select Bank,Select State,Select City,Select Branch and click on continue.You will get IFSC Code fill IFSC code and then Click on Send Money.
  • Money will be send to you Bank Account.

Below is a quick overview on the security features of Paytm Wallet:

  • Your Paytm ID + Password alone are not enough to access your Paytm Wallet. Even if someone takes your Paytm ID & Password, it is not possible to login, as OTP (One Time Password) is delivered to your registered mobile number when logging from a new device. So the only way to access your account is to use the combination of your Paytm ID/Password + Your own device or New Device with OTP to your registered mobile number.
  • App Lock Password: You can now enable your phone’s default screen lock/Pin/Password/Pattern/Fingerprint as your 2nd level of security to access Paytm. You will be asked to reconfirm you Pin/Password/Pattern/Fingerprint before you can make a payment using Paytm Wallet. This deters any unauthorized use of your Wallet Account.
  • Set the Phone’s default Android security password if not already done. Go to your Phone’s Settings > Security > Screen Lock > Choose Screen Lock. You can select Pin, Password, Pattern or Fingerprint to protect your phone.
  • Open the updated Paytm App & click on “Pay” or “Passbook”. You will be prompted to enable this optional feature. If you are not logged in then you will be asked to login first to enable this App password.
  • Click on Add Security Feature. You will be asked to reconfirm your Phone’s Pin/Password/Pattern/Fingerprint depending on what you selected as your default protection. Once confirmed, your new App Password is now set.
  • Now next time when you click on “Pay” or “Passbook”, you will be prompted to input your App password you have just enabled.
  • In case you do not want to use this feature anymore, you can disable it as well. To disable, open Paytm App, Go to Profile > Security & Settings > Android Security Feature > Slide it off. You will be prompted to reconfirm your Pin/Password/Pattern/Fingerprint to disable it.

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